Make Girls Chase You Using Tricks Of Josh Pellicer: Scam Or True?

There’re a lot of questions going on about the veracity of Joshua Pellicer’s knowledge on how to trick girls into chasing after men. To determine whether or not claims of it being a scam or authentic are true, here’s an overview of his work and its main content.

Joshua Pellicer in today showSecond thoughts about the Tao of Badass, Pellicer’s guide to dating and attracting women, are natural since there are already thousands of guide books on dating that are not as successful as they claim to be. This makes it difficult to believe the entire offer of Josh Pellicer. Scam or not though, a lot of men have been quite attracted to the book and even made their purchase. It is perhaps important to first get to know who the author really is.

  1. Josh Pellicer: Ordinary Man to Master of Women

The author of this dating guide is an ordinary American man from North Carolina. Unlike how he is now, he used to be a very shy person and was apparently unattractive to women and is greatly shunned. For reasons including his unlucky experiences with women, Josh Pellicer decided to research more on the psychology of women. He experimented, attended courses on building confidence, researched on women psychology, and also read many self-help books. Again, this is the same experience that most men with dating problems experience.

He kept on with his observation and experimentation despite several failures. He did eventually become the confident man he always wanted to be and hit it off with women. Friends soon started noticing and he became their advisor. And so he published an e-book to share his own system which can help his fellow men become every woman’s fantasy. How nice and generous of him, really.

  1. Source of Scam Claims

How-To-Trick-Female-Mind-PsychologyAs you can see, the story is realistic and builds believability. This shows that the book was compiled and written through hard work, observation, experimentation, and a great deal of research on psychology. One reason why most of his advices are called tricks into attracting girls is because of the psychological manipulation involved. The advantage of that approach as more than the typical “be confident and don’t hesitate” type of advice cannot be denied.

It’s clear that time and effort was involved in the production of the Tao of Badass’ system, thanks to Josh Pellicer. Scam claims by several individuals online discourage some men in purchasing the Tao but there may be other reasons to consider aside from falsity behind the claims such as competition and the buyer’s inability to comply. Some may have tried and failed to perform what Pellicer’s system requires. Since much effort is demanded, the failure could have led to bitterness.

  1. Understanding the Tao of Badass

building-confidence-researched-on-women-psychologyAs the author suggests, and advertisements as well, the book is an entire system that needs to be followed correctly in order to work. Technically it’s not a physical book but an e-book that comes with a video series meant to train men and turn them into a women’s fantasy come true. This part of the Tao that sounds convincing to some men is probably the same thing that endangers its believability to others.

It’s true that it contains a lot of information and the videos are step-by-step guides. Some may find this too demanding or too troublesome to follow or believe regardless of the success story of Josh Pellicer. Claims on the system often suggest that the training videos are useless. A plausible reason for this is because a singular video is more sensible if watched along with more or the rest of the Tao of Badass episodes. Since the Tao of Badass was created as a system, reading halfway or following the video guides partially will not ensure a very successful transformation on the man.

  1. Combination of Obvious and Surprising Content

attracting-women-naturallyAnother factor which makes Pellicer’s system seem faulty is because it kicks off with basic trades and somehow obvious tricks on how to approach women. For men who have already searched far and wide for answers to that, it’s nothing new and therefore nothing worth to check out. What most fail to realize is that it is only an introduction to a much larger scale of transformation.

Ironically, unlike most guides, this book aims to lure men away from the typical dating tips on every book and validates the obvious but often shunned advices. It exposes many of the false rumors men fall for.

Another immediate interesting fact about Pellicer’s work is that it sets options for men on multiple dating and possibly polygamy. This is something most dating guides do not have and is certainly a very attractive topic for men who prefer more benefits.

With the intensity of the system and credibility of the psychology behind it, one can say that there is authenticity in the works of Josh Pellicer. Scam or not, the Tao of Badass is far too interesting and convincing to ignore and not take a chance on. This chance for men is a unique one that many believe should not be passed off.

Do You Sometimes Go Blank when talking to girls?

It happens to a lot of people that when they are talking to women, they often just go blank. An awkward silence follow that really disrupts the conversation and ends any chance that you may have had with the woman. Men are baffled all the time regarding how to talk to women.


This problem is such that requires a good and acceptable answer since if you are not able to talk to women, you are probably not going to be able to do anything else with them as well. I did a lot of online research to come up with good answers to this question. Here are some of my findings.

Building rapport – As long as you are able to build rapport with a woman, you do not have to worry about the conversation part of it. Once you build rapport, you come off as a friend of hers. And because of this, you do not have to worry about talking to her because she will start talking to you.

All you have to do now is listen and she will feel as if the sboth of you are having a real great conversation. There are multiple techniques to build rapport. Some of the best ones are mirroring and reading her.

Reading her body language – Reading a woman is the best thing you can do to improve the conversation that you are having. Let me explain more about it. Imagine how easy it would be to converse with her if you knew what was going on inside that head of hers.

Well, reading her body language helps you with that thing precisely. Now you do not have to worry about saying something inappropriate or you will know the correct time to say something inappropriate if you know what I mean.

However, reading her body language requires information about the female specific gestures and a little bit of understanding of the female psychology. Make sure that you read about this because it is a bit complicated and you will require quite some time to learn about it. However, once you possess the knowledge about a female’s body language, you will literally be invincible with women.

Avoid pecking – This is one of the biggest mistakes men make subconsciously that turn a woman off. Pecking means that you lean in front when you have to say something and you lean back when it is her chance to speak.

This gesture usually conveys that you are not interested in what a woman is saying even though you may be. To avoid this, pick a sitting position and stick to it. You don’t have to lean forward or lean back. You can just sit straight. But avoid this at all costs.

Being-humorous-make-her-laughBe genuinely interested in what a woman is talking about – The problem is that the same way in which you can read a woman’s body language, she can read your body language too. Because of that, she will know when you are not interested in what she is talking about. Not being interested in what she is talking about makes her feel insulted and you will have a much harder time with her.

It also kills rapport and you can forget about anything happening with this particular woman.It is important to be genuinely interested in what she is talking about even if you are not interested in the topic. Failure to do this can be spotted easily and you will not be able to cover up for it no matter what you do. So take great care of this. You may want to learn the gestures of being bored and try to avoid them in order to make her believe that you are interested. The only thing worse than not being interested is being interested but not showing it properly.

Be humorousBeing humorous may seem difficult at first but it really is not. All you need to do is make her laugh. It is surprising how many men struggle with the simple task of making a woman laugh. Just keep in mind that there are things that you do which kill humour.

A good example of this would be laughing hard at your own jokes or making jokes that are just not funny. Another mistake you can do is crack jokes too often.Take care of these things. Also, remember that a sense of humour can be developed and you can develop it too. Try watching a funny television series for instance or write your own jokes.

These were some tips on talking to girls. Just remember that when you do talk to girls, you always need to have a plan beforehand. The more common reason why men go blank during a conversation with a woman is the fact that they rush in without a plan. Keep a plan in hand and include all these tips in your plan.