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Glen B. Haydon, M.D

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The Forth Programmer's Handbook published by Forth Inc. in 1997 makes the following recommendation in the opening page: "If you are learning Forth for the first time, we suggest you begin with Starting Forth, an excellent introductory tutorial".

Mountain View Press recognized this when the first edition of Starting Forth was published and implemented MVP-FORTH with supplemental functions to support that excellent tutorial.

After two years of weekly evening tutorials, I found students had a number of stumbling blocks. I wrote the Forth Guide to complement Starting Forth in assisting the beginner to understand the MVP-FORTH implementation.

Although there is now a much later standard, the ANS Forth Standard, which is the implementation used in the Forth Programmer's Handbook,, MVP-FORTH, Starting Forth and the Forth Guide remain excellent tools for those first learning Forth.

The original hard copy of Forth Guide is available from Mountain View Press.

Then join the Forth Interest Group.

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