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Updated 1 December 1997



MVP-FORTH is a beginner's level dialect of the Forth Language. The implementation is simple and not optimized for speed. Including the implementation primative, it contains about 240 functions. More advanced levels of Forth contain 1000 to 2500 functions. You can advance to them after learning the basics.

For over two years, I gave weekly seminars on MVP-FORTH. The input from the students helped me evolve this GUIDE. I hope you will profit from this book.

MVP-FORTH, is one of the most widely used of all of the dialects of FORTH. MVP-FORTH is an application program that provides a fully functional learning tool for the beginner. The run time programs, as well as the source code, are in the public domain and can be used freely.

MVP-FORTH evolved from fig-FORTH and includes the required word set of the FORTH-79 Standard. A number of words have been implemented that make MVP- FORTH compatible with tutorials such as Starting Forth by Leo Brody, 1st Edition.

The best way to learn Forth is to work with it. You would never learn to play the piano without practice at one. The FORTH GUIDE, one of a series of volumes published by Mountain View Press, will help you. The study of these volumes and other documentation, along with sample programs will also help you.

As with all public domain materials, and FORTH in particular, each user is inclined to include his own variations. Though derived from MVP-FORTH, many of the implementations available through clubs, bulletin boards and individuals have major and minor changes. The documentation provided in ALL ABOUT FORTH now in an expanded 3rd Edition and in this GUIDE is based on the MVP-FORTH versions distributed by MOUNTAIN VIEW PRESS and on this disk. The kernel has been stable for ten years and I continue to support it.

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