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We stock all of the original fig-Forth Source Listings and the Installation Manual - $20 each + $3 S/H.


We feature the definitive Forth Reference Manual ALL ABOUT FORTH 3rd. Edition Don't be confused by Standards. All Forth Standards up to the recent ANS Standard are included. Note the ANS Standard is a $300 document available from Global. Drafts of that Standard are available at and on the CDROM.

Public Domain Forth Implementations

Implementation Levels
These implementations provide progressive levels of complexity for beginners through experts.

Level 0 -
63 functions defined by C. H. Moore.

Level 1 -
fig-Forth Installation Manual and implementation listings including about 150 functions for 12 processors. Individual listings are available.

Level 2 -
MVP-FORTH - G. B. Haydon. 79 Standard implementation with 240 functions including all primitives. Stable for over 8 years. With the System Documentation ($20.00), FORTH GUIDE ($25.00) and Starting Forth, 1st Edition ($25.00), it makes an ideal small beginners package. Disk and hard copy listings available. PC version is most common. Other implementations are available.

Level 3 -
F83, Laxon and Perry. Uses nearly 1000 functions including the 132 functions from the 83 Standard. On line documentation in shadow screens. PC versions available on disk. Hard copies of other implementations also available. Try C.H. Ting's INSIDE F83 ($25.00).

Level 4 -
F-PC Version 3.5, Tom Zimmer & others. Includes about 2500 functions. Based on the 83 Standard. A full development system. Try C.H. Ting's F-PC USER'S MANUAL ($20.00) and F-PC TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUAL ($30.00).

Level 5 -
MVP-F32, Rick VanNorman. A 32-bit Forth development system with about 900 functions. Disk source and documentation for experienced programmers. Printed documentation is being developed.

Disk Availability
Disks for Levels 2 - 5 are available at $25.00 each.

Professional Implementations
Excellent professional implementation by various vendors are also available. Please call.

Reference Books

MVP Series:
Vol 1. ALL ABOUT FORTH, 3rd Edition, June 1990, Glen B. Haydon.
- The definitive reference manual of public domain implementations. A concordance of 7 English definitions and 4 implementations of some 500 Forth functions now in common usage. Includes the Installation Manual, 79 Standard and 83 Standard documents as Appendices. $90.00

Vol 2. MVP-FORTH Assembly Source Code.
- Includes the Kernel source for CP/M, Apple, and IBM PC assembler in a single volume. $25.00

Documentation includes functional definitions and complete source listing. $35.00 (Source listing available on many BBSs and on disk $25.00)

Vol 4. EXPERT SYSTEM, Jack Park.
- A Model of an Expert System with source code. When you understand this Jack says you should have one question: Why in the world did he do it that way. (Source code and run-time programs available on Disk). $22.00

- Data is secure through power outages and other mishaps. An excellent model. $30.00

Vol 6. EXPERT TUTORIAL FOR Vol. 4, M&L Derick.
It does what it says. $22.00

Vol 7. FORTH GUIDE, Glen B. Haydon.
- An introduction to MVP-FORTH. Now how do I get out of here? Put your name in the middle of the screen. Complements Starting Forth, 1st Edition. $25.00

- An optimized Professional Application Development System with many extensions from the standard MVP-FORTH. Excellent models of many techniques. $55.00

Vol 9. WORD/KALC MANUAL, Tom Wempe.
- A complete word processor and math package on top of PADS from the hands of an experienced author of word processors. $25.00

Vol 10. WORD/KALC SOURCE Tom Wempe.
- The complete source code illustrating many Forth techniques. $25.00

Hardware Implementations

These designs serve as hardware models for embedded systems implemented in Forth.

- A patented hardware design of a 16-bit stack machine with a user writable instruction set. Available in several forms: Complete schematics and documentation with which you can build your own ($50.00); Kits with all of the parts to wire wrap your own ($500.00); bare PC board which you can stuff with your own chips ($250.00); and Assembled and tested system ($750.00). Design uses a PC/AT as an I/O server. FAST!

- A patented hardware design of a 32-bit stack machine with a user writable instruction set. Available in several forms: Complete schematics and documentation of the basic design, discrete components on six printed circuit boards in a separate crate which can be linked to an AT, and a single silicon chip implementation on a single board for an AT. Call for prices.

We stock the more popular Forth publications and can get others which are still in print. Please call.

We work with Forth instructors to provide educational software, hardware and documentation to meet their needs. Please contact us.

NOTE - We need to add California State Tax and Shipping/Handling. Please email or call.

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