4 Things You Shouldn’t Buy The Tao Of Badass

The Tao of Badass is technically Joshua Pellicer and this book is all about being the ultimate lady’s man. It is fast becoming popular among young men who lack the skills in picking up or approaching women. However, there are four things to consider before you buy the Tao of Badass.

Typical Confidence Improvements

approach-a-womanFirstly, it mostly contains lessons and guides on how to become a confident man. To be honest, men are naturally confident in nature. Compared to women, men are a lot less emotionally affected by how they look, dress, or seem to others. If anything, the desire to look good, appear attractive, and seem sexy only becomes important when trying to date girls. This book has a lot of chapters, but one of its most celebrated portions is about learning to achieve confidence as a man.

On the internet, you can find several tips on the same topic and not have to pay for it. Of course, Joshua Pellicer’s book is more detailed and expands beyond being confident for the sake of attracting women. It aims to achieve confidence as a whole to improve all aspects of your life; in order to become a genuinely attractive man. If you feel that this could be useful for you then you may purchase the Tao of Badass for a more internal improvement.

Contains Secrets to Successful Polygamy

It suggests or is open to polygamy. This is the kind of book that should only be read by men who want to score with many or any women. It contains a lot of information on how women act and react to certain gestures made by men. In fact, it holds a lot of information, not only on how to tap into women’s way of thinking but on how to alter their way of thinking about you.

The tips and tricks could work on any type of woman and knowledge of these could very well lead some men into a frenzy of picking up girls and going on countless dates. If you are a person who prefers to stick with one girl won through hard effort, then this might not be for you. If you have already bought the book, you can still benefit from it since it helps eliminate a lot of dating mistakes that men make. Most of which have something to do with little or no confidence in the male.

Contains A Lot of Information (Including on Women)

12mistakes3You won’t want to really buy a 10 chapter book just to become an expert with ladies. When you buy the Tao of Badass you will have to read all ten chapters of it since all are relevant to each other. There are chapters to help build confidence and there are chapters to help determine whether monogamy or polygamy is the best route for the reader. Personally, ten chapters is a bit too much to read for anyone who just wants to try a few moves for one time only. It’s more of a long term investment where the results are either equally long term or permanent.

This book is not for experimenting on your abilities, it’s a bundled course on approaching, dating, and being successful with women of all kinds. Unless you intend to become a true and natural master of approaching women, then this informative ten chapter book is not the buy for you.

Aimed to Make Men More Irresistible than Normal

Top-10-Mistakes-Men-Should-Avoid-When-Meeting-Women_600x395Finally, a reason why not to buy the book: its purpose is to make women want you and come after you. The definition of want at this level is pertained to sexual attraction at the most. If you are a guy who is determined to overcome extreme shyness or inability to approach women, this book surpasses all that. In fact, it takes a man into higher improvements than the conventional “tips on dating and approaching women.”

It’s not a book about finding true love and keeping it. It’s a guide for men to be the ultimate lady’s man, someone who is irresistible and possibly difficult to get over. If successfully learned and followed, Joshua Pellicer’s techniques could send your phone ringing for eager women. Some of them might even be one of those you have already scored with and are seeking for a follow-up or redemption.

To put things simply, this is not for the hesitant. This book is not meant for a one time use only or for temporary stardom. If there is one thing to expect about when you buy the Tao of Badass it’s that it will be of use for a lifetime’s worth of being irresistible to the opposite sex. If this is not the primary intention for buying, then it should not be bought. If so, then there is no reason to hold back and purchase Joshua Pellicer’s masterpiece.